Lab Coat Styles According to Closures

After a 2 month of being remiss and leaving my blog unattended, I am back with the different styles of lab coats based on its closure. In order to minimize exposure to harmful substances in the lab and provide some temporary protection against fire, it is a must that lab coats are completely “buttoned” up.   It is said that snap closures are preferred over buttons or zippers to keep the body covered but allows quick removal in an emergency. All one has to do is pull apart and you can easily remove the lab coat.

In hospital settings, the type of closures are just preferences for those who need to wear them especially since they wear their hospital lab coats over scrubs or street clothes. Here are examples of lab coats with grippers for closure, snap closure, buttons and zippers.

Red Kap Womens 38.25 inch Six Gripper Lab Coat 

Red Kap Womens 38.25 inch Six Button Collored Lab Coat
Red Kap Womens 38.25 inch Six Button Collored Lab Coat

Cherokee Women 32 inch Three Pocket Snap
Front Medical Lab Coat 
Urbane Women Medical Color Lab Coat
Image Sources: Red Kap | Cherokee Uniforms | Urbane Scrubs